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Our Building Project Fund

God's Anointed People Ministries is in beginning stages of developing Phase I of the Woodberry Outreach Center: a facility for our homeless families and individuals currently on the streets.

We desire to build or acquire an existing building on a 10 acre parcel.

Anyone with any interest in joining us in this necessary development, please contact us.

In order to minister to the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the disadvantaged people of Phoenix, it is our desire to establish an outreach center capable of housing some of the 5700 Phoenix homeless--men, women, families, single parents & children and substance abuse recoverers—with such housing on a temporary basis, with the exception of some transitional units for in–tact families.

The Woodberry Outreach Center will provide food, clothing, training, social services and counseling. On-site services would be extensive, with sufficient space for food storage & preparation, parking of busses & other necessary vehicles, chapel meetings, Bible studies, classes (English as a second language, 12 Step Programs, GED, job interviewing, resume writing, vocational training, etc.), daycare and possibly the development of a cottage industry.

GOAL: That this facility become a safe-place for the disadvantaged, a tool for giving the hopeless hope, a gathering place for people to receive help and experience the love of God—a Beacon in a dark world! It would also serve as an opportunity for the Body of Christ to carry out the Great Commission.

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