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Core Values

  1. We honor God by trusting and obeying Him.

    We seek to serve Jesus Christ and discern what God's will is for us - individually and as an organization.

    We strive for excellence, seeking to "run the race" with our best efforts and with our eyes focused squarely on Christ.

    We strive for integrity, seeking to be transparent in motive, action and conduct so that Jesus Christ can be seen clearly through us.
  2. We are stewards of God's resources.

    We manage carefully every resource God brings to us, knowing that each gift is provided by God's hand through the efforts of others.

    We proactively prepare for the future, knowing that stability is essential to the consistent rendering of God's work.

    We demand of ourselves high standards of competence and performance and accept the need to be accountable through appropriate structures for achieving these standards.
  3. We value people.

    We are called to serve those in need, to relieve their suffering and to promote the transformation of their condition of life.

    We value donors and volunteers highly, providing for them a conduit through which they can serve God and their fellow man.

    We seek to provide quality opportunities and experiences to our employees, providing them with opportunities for personal, spiritual and professional growth.

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